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breaking out only in the same spot

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Okay this is really weird. I've finally somewhat to a manageable degree, have gotten my acne under control. I still get small white heads and some nasty inflammed pimples but not a lot, I can handle it now, I just mostly have red marks. But when I do break out its ONLY on my cheek and its in the same spot, no where else. I have these two particular spots that break out all the time. I should be lucky I don't break anywhere else and that its an isolated thing but its weird. I have this one spot, that I know I have a pimple coming before its even shows its self because my cheek bone starts to get extremely red and it looks like I got punch there.

Would anyone have a clue as to why its only two particular spots on my face that only breaks out with inflamed breakouts?

EDIT- I took a picture of the spot that turns extremely red.


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Well, It's not uncommon to break out at the same place.

I always brokeout on my cheeks always at the same place.

Your pimple look very similar as mine, red, hard bumps.

There is nothing I can do to prevent since its related to my hormonal changes every months.

Good luck for you, I still break out at other areas randomly.

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you may be sleeping on that certain side of the face alot to cause a possible break out.

or you may have a habit of touching that part of the face too much.

i mostly break out on my right cheek.

mostly because my hair hangs down on that part of my face.

having your hair brush against your face in certain areas can cause you to break out..

cause any kind of gel or anything that you put in your hair.. when it goes against your skin.. and plus with all the oils.. it can make you break out in a certain area..

take that in mind..

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Interesting- do you use fabric softener on your laundry? I had the same problem in that same spot. My skin was clear thanks to the regimen i'm currently on, but for some reason I still had bumps and clogged pores along my upper cheeks.

I then realized I had read somewhere on this forum that fabric softener contained pore-clogged ingredients.. I stopped using it on my pillowcases and two weeks later there's a definite improvement. I think sometimes we forget how big of a role pillowcases play when it comes to clearing our skin. Just something to keep in mind...

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