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sarted antibiotic, blurred vision for an hour?!??!

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so my doctor decided to switch me from minocycline 100 mg twice a day to cephalexin (keflex) 3 times a day.... yesterday was the first day that i started it, but the weirdesttttt thing happened today...i woke up, took it, and about 2 hrs later i started having very very blurred vision in my left eye and extreme fogginess in my brain, it was the scariest/weirdest feeling in the world. it started to get better after about 30 min but then i just felt compression in my head for a little while, and ive just been feeling odd and a little off all day....i didnt take it tonight because it scared the F out of me and i need to study for finals adn there is NO Freaking way i want to ever feel like that again.....is blurry/foggy vision a side effect of antibiotcs? i really think its the cephalexin because i guess i started taking it yesterday and today it as circulated into my system. should i risk taking it and getting that feeling again? could it have been the effect of minocycline reacting with the cephalaxin because i was taking mino twice a day for 1.5 months now....minocycline wasnt doing anything at all...so should i just take that tonight, or tomorow morning? so confused

pretty scary shit....let me know if you have ANYYY advice.

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I was taking Doxy for 2 1/2 weeks and started to have trouble concentrating and blurry vision. I had some other symptoms too like headaches, earaches, and cold-sensitive gums.

I also noticed I was getting EXTREMELY fatigued during sports activities.

I stopped taking Doxy about 12 days ago and starting to feel normal again. The symptoms persisted for about 10 days after getting off it.

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don't take it anymore, and call your doctor asap!

Umm can i ask why he prescriped you cephalexin, because that antibiotic is used to treat urinary tract infections, not acne!!

Maybe thats why you had such a bad reaction to it.....

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im taking doxy right now..

i get some fatigue, but nothing detrimental imo..

i nearly fell asleep getting a hair cut today..

and my face just flushed bright red while i was dozing off.

im not sure if it has anything to do with doxy though..

maybe im getting lack of sleep.. 7-8hrs.. should be plenty, no?

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