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I'm thinking about getting this, seems there is a foundation by prescriptives that is custom blended to match your skin. I'm already aware of it's price but I am wondering whether or not anyone on the board has used it and can tell me whether or not it is safe for acne prone skin.

- Thanks

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I used Prescriptives for a long time with my acne prone skin, and it was great. It is non-comodogenic and caused absolutely no breakouts with its use. Recently I decided to try something else because my skin's color is different during the summer, and my "color match" made me look very pale when it was summer time. If that isn't a problem for you, though, I say go for it! As always, make sure you moisturize well and wait a few minutes before applying the foundation. I found using a foundation brush was best. Hope this helps.

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Everyone has a different reaction to things....I used the whole Prescriptives line from the skincare to the makeup earlier this year, and my complexion wreaked havoc from it all. It took about a month for it to just EXPLODE! I was very sad. At first, I thought I had found my holy grail(s), but then the breakout started, and I could not get it under control.

Now, for the first time this year (following my new regimen), I only have one tiny pimple on my chin (not even noticeable). As opposed to 5-6 cystic bumps, and a face full of whiteheads/blackheads. There were a few days this month of no new breakouts whatsoever. It was a miracle.

I would personally not recommend any products from Presciptives or any other high end Dept store brand. I've tried almost all of them, and have regretted it every time.

Then again, you have to find out for yourself....everyone's skin is different.

One thing I used to do (which is a pain in the a#@), is just use a new product on one part of my face (left cheek, etc) for a few weeks to see if there was any adverse effect.

Good luck!

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I have been using prescriptives custom blended foundation and powder for about 2 years now. I love it. The foundation matches perfectly with my skin tone making it look natural and doesn't cause me to break out even more. Just make sure you keep your brushes clean. I try to wash my brushes at least 1x a day. I am trying to find a less expensive foundation that works just as great with redness because each custom blended bottle is about $60 bottle.

I recently started breaking out excessively beginning last September but its more or less due to so much stress and coffee.

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