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neutrogena body wash for acne?

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Just wondering how well this has worked for others? Also if I mixed this in a container with water and shook it.. applied some that to my back and left it on.. could that help as it contains salicylic acid or would that just clog pores and make things worse?


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What neutrogena acne cleanser is it exactly? They have several different types. Salicylic Acid is an oil soluble chemical that breaks down lesions and helps unclog pores. It is most effective on oily skin types or on comedonal acne. Being that the salicylic acid is in a wash form, it isn't going to acheive the same penetration that a gel, cream, or lotion could because you are washing it off after use. Personally I liked the Acne stress free scrub for the face, it has a green tea scent which is pleasant but can actually be nauseating if you are around it TOO much, but it worked well for me. I wouldn't recommend applying the wash on dry skin because of the other ingredients that could irritate dry skin. The best bet is to just try it out and see. Good luck!

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thanks for the tips..

this was the one I was looking at


I guess they have both a scrub and wash available.. what is the difference.. which have people had better reults with?

has anyone tried leaving it on the body overnight?

I don't recommend this if you have mild to severe acne. (the definition of mild for me is if you can count over 20+ individual spots) This body scrub/wash is mainly used as a preventive measure after your acne goes away. Lets say your on accutane for 6months and your 100% clear. Then this scrub would prevent breakouts from happening, or rarely happening. I'm making a thread on the exact regimen I used to get rid of my severe body acne 100% along with about 80% of all the scarring. Look me up. :)

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Well I have tried this wash for awhile. It's just ok, it will not clear up your acne all the way, least not in my case but it does help contain it. I agree it is prolly better to use this to control acne rather to get rid of it, and yes it can be a lil drying. Im currently looking for a better option that this but haven't found much yet.

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