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So I've either got breast cancer or a cyst under my nipple (I'm a dude)

Last night I had a pimple on my chest and I didn't think any thing of it and I popped it, and then tonight I'm laying in bed, roll over and feel an incredible pain on my chest so I got up and checked myself out in the mirror and I've got a much bigger pimple/cyst feeling object (like a raisin) right under my nipple. Being the idiot that I am, I squeezed this one and the white puss literaly hit my mirror 2 and a half feet away.

I realy thought I was getting better as far as my acne goes, and then I get hit with this, the worst part about is that I can't even lay down in bed because it hurts so much.

From what I've heard about cysts, they need to be a removed by a derm right? I've never had one, just the occasional spat of moderate/heavy face and back acne, now it's spreading to my chest :wall:

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Most acne cysts are not 'true cysts' in that they don't have a discrete wall formed by tissue. An acne cyst's wall is the distended hair follicle. Pressing and squeezing a cyst or pimple can cause the hair follicle to rupture, spreading the infection around under the skin and increasing risk for scarring. So, acne cysts do not have to be removed by a derm. They can be incised and lanced and drained by a derm or given a cortisone injection if the spot is large enough and troublesome enough. Lancing and draining just releases the fluid and pressure, helping get rid of some of the infection and much of the pain. The cortisone injection reduces inflammation and swelling.

So what you can do now to minimize the pain and swelling and redness is outlined in the bottom link in my signature. It will help a bit. If you're developing more and more large acne lesions, it is perhaps time to consult a dermatologist, if you have not already.

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