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For those who have eliminated grains/dairy

I've been experimenting with my diet for a while now and I used to take B5 religiously, which helped, but I hated having to load up on the stuff in order to curb breakouts. It's strange, the B5 definitely cleared a lot of the acne I'd get on my face/back/chest but I was still regularly getting bumps on my thighs and even my scalp. I'm a naturally skinny guy (small bones) but I'm probably the smallest guy in my family (5'5 125, with muscle as I've been working out for a few years) and I thought I read somewhere that some have a theory about acne and low weight.

After reading the forums and doing some research I'm beginning to think that a lot of my ailments could be coming from the same triggers in my diet.

Conditions I've dealt with since puberty:

Acne (which is mild to moderate, never had cystic acne, although my skin still looks like shit)

Oily skin (I've noticed it can become more pronounced after eating)

Dry hair (My hair used to be really soft)

Dandruff (Chronic)

I've already started eliminating grains/dairy but I'm becoming more strict so I can pin point what foods are absolutely affecting me.

Would anyone be willing to share info on what foods you eat, down to actual recipes and cooking/preparation? I cooked some ground beef (25% fat) and have no idea how to make eating it more pleasurable, never had to cook for myself before.

I've started losing weight pretty much immediately since eliminating the carbs I've eaten most of my life and I want to start eating to gain weight asap.

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i believe dandruf is/can be a fungal problem. If this is indeed true for u, it could also be fungus causing your acne and using head and shoulders or nizoral as a face wash may help. You could do a search for either of these and decide if its sumthing u may want to look further in to...

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Thanks for responding. I have actually used dandruff shampoo for quite a long time with no real significant improvement. However, I have noticed a change in the texture of my hair since I began eliminating grains/dairy. It's not as coarse and dry as it usually is although my dandruff still lingers (mostly noticable right after I shave my head).

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If you need some carbs, try root vegetables such as turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, carrots. Try chopping them into chunks, putting plenty of butter or olive oil on them and some salt and herbs and roasting them at 400F for an hour or until tender and nicely roasted. Also try sweet potatoes and winter squash.

For ground meat, try meatballs:

1 lb ground meat

1 egg

salt and pepper

a couple of cloves finely chopped garlic OR plenty of garlic powder

add any dried herbs you like and don't be afraid to add them liberally! - oregano, thyme, basil, etc.

optional: pinch of cayenne

~ tsp. cumin

Roll into 1 -1.5 in. diameter balls. Place in an oiled baking dish and bake at 350 for about an hour. About 10-15 minutes before the hour is up, add a can or jar of tomato sauce (read ingredients to make sure there is not sugar or high fructose corn syrup).

Put the meatballs and sauce on top of baked spaghetti squash:

Cut the squash in half; scoop out the seeds, brush with olive oil and place cut-side-up in a baking dish with an inch or 2 of water in the bottom. Bake at 350 for about 1.5 hours. (You can cook the squash and meatballs at the same time.)

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I hear you about what to eat! I've just completely revamped my diet. I've never restricted myself before but for the last month no: casein (dairy), gluten (wheat, oats, barley, spelt...), refined sugar, soy, and peanuts. Basically anything I have reason to beleive for myself to be suspect. Finally, after almost 5 weeks, I am not getting new breakouts. Actually I'm psyched this week b/c this is the first week its happened, we'll see how long it goes for. I don't know what you've tried as far as traditional treatments through doctors go but I am convinced a clean diet will help my skin if I stick with it.

Going back to what to eat:

lots of greens (huge plates of salad, organic, with olive oil and rice vinegar, no spinach)

carrot juice (juiced fresh for beta carotene, 2 glasses a day, so yummy especially with ginger)

avocado (these are a good fat, high calorie starchy veggie-- would be great for you)

fresh fruit (3-4 peices all morning long, only on a empty stomach, you might need more)

dried fruit (unsulfered, this is good for you b/c its caloric)

almond butter

almond milk

gluten/dairy free cereal (natural rice puffs)

lean chicken and fish (3-4 times a week, you could probably eat more)

... make sure your beef and chicken is free of hormones and antibiotics

eggs (free range)


potatoes, sweet potatoes (roasted in the oven cut up with olive oil and rosemary... so darn good).

Pamela's gluten/dairy free cookies (at whole foods)

70% dark chocolate (green and blacks)

Lara bars

You might have to spend more time being creative with what you want to eat and spend some time at whole foods figuring out what you can eat (I came home several times with food that I thought was okay and wasnt' b/c it had soy or dairy or whatever. Also I needed to slowly finish what was already in my frig...

I just take my favorite dinners and cut out what doesn't work anymore.

I hope this helps. Regardless of the effect on your skin eating less refined grains and sugars can only be beneficial. Good luck to us all.

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Thanks Smileygirl, all that food you've described sounds great. You can eat all of that and not breakout at all? What do you eat the gluten/dairy free cereal with?

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