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I have had an acne problem since I was 14 years old. I am 30 now and have been still had a problem until now. First let me tell you my story, besides during puberty my acne problem was never really that bad. But I can honestly say since before 14 I have never had a day without a pimple. I went to a dermatologist when I was 15. He prescribed Retin A which worked some but never stopped the problem. For some reason in college I did not really have a problem with my skin except for the occassional pimple here or there which was very normal. After college my acne got worse (maybe work stress). Since then I have tried everything. I have used this regimen posted here....clean, benzol and moustirize, which worked some but never knocked it out. I have tried every product available at the drug store, I have been scammed on the interent with a few systems. I have done the whole proactive thing which worked some, but still never knocked it out. I have tried diet, excercise , I have been back to the derm some many times. At one point I went on accutane for six months, which worked but the side effects where too much. I have finally found one regimen that has worked for my skin type so I figured its pretty cheap so if you want to give up like I did so many time, give this a try:


Dark Skin, Heavy Facial Hair, Very Oily but drys out easily.

Step 1. Cetaphil Anit Bacterial Cleansing Bar. I use this to wash my face as well as to shave with. (use a shaving brush to lather from the bar.) I have also tried every razor / electric / shaving cream..you name it. Mach 3 works best. I shave first with lather...then rub on face with hands to cleanse face.

Step 2. Tend skin...razor bump and ingrown hair....I use this with a cotton ball and use on entire face. It stings a litte then burns a little....I leave it on for about 30 seconds then I rinse with cold water.

Step 3. I mouisturize with Khiels mens nourishing cream. It works really well.

Step 4. I use neosporin on any pimples overnight....right now i use it on scars.

Thats it. I shave in the morning and do the same routine at night b4 bed.


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