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Frequent Bowel Movements

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So ever since I've been on antibiotics (Doxycycline) for my skin, I have been having up to 4 bowel movements per day, which is insane. I looked it up and the MayoClinic website said that frequent bowel movements might be a side effect to certain antibiotics. I was just wondering if anyone else had been experiencing these symptoms or if I should really be worried. I doubt it's anything serious, I was just curious.

P.S. HATE antibiotics. I feel like the side effects are outweighing the results. I'll probobly end up not being on them for much longer.

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You should check with your doctor. That is a side effect, yes, but you don't want to let it develop into a potentially life threatening condition. Which is rare, but happens. Anytime you experience trouble like that while on an antibiotic, you need to check with your doctor. I'd call and ask what you should do, if anything. You may need to add a probiotic or discontinue the antibiotic altogether.

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I keep getting told different ways of taking the pill! my derm told me to take it with food, the bottle says take it on an empty stomach, people have told me empty stomach; i'm so confused!

i do find that when i take it on an empy stomach i get nauseous every time, so i have been taking it with food. i just don't know anymore. i don't even want to be on this crap.

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