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How many spots do you get a day/week?

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I was quite curious about this really because i cannot go a single without getting a fair few spots. Its been years since i went a day without getting one. Whether there small or big, there are always some that appear and its so frustrating. I have absolutely no idea what is causing them either, so am kinda stuck getting loads each day :(

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I go through stages - sometimes I get a few per day and then I go through a period of just dealing with my red marks.

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I've always wondered about this, too!

I'm not really sure of how to count my "spots". I probably get around 10 easily definable, large papules/pustules and cysts per day, which take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks to resolve.

I also get many bumps that are way bigger than comedonal acne just under my skin, which I think may be papules that just never surface. They only take a couple hours to a couple days to resolve. These would up my daily lesion count to the low 20s.

If we're talking about comedonal acne, too, I give up: I'm lumpy.

(Between Tazorac and Lac-Hydrin Five, I hardly get red marks anymore, so this all doesn't look as bad as it sounds.)

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