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My acne was mild to moderate and getting worse!

So awhile back i ordered the ZZ cream to see if it would get rid of my acne.

After 1 month or so, i hadn't seen any changes in my acne, but i did notice less facial redness so i made a topic in the facial redness section.


go check it out for more of my background info.

Anyways I started the treatment on aug 20th and it's been a little over 3 months and my acne is dam near clear! I'm not 100% clear because i still get some breakouts every now and then. By small break outs i mean like maybe 2-3 pimples/whiteheads in 2 weeks. I used to get like 6-8 a week! Lately, i've feel a zit about to pop up but then it doesn't come up, it just disappears.

Even my friends notice that my skin is getting clearer. I was at a friends party and i haven't seen them in a good month or 2 and she was like "hey you're skin is clearer! thats sexy!" lol

I currently have ZERO acne, a good amount of marks that have been there for a while but have faded significantly since the start of the treatment.

I'm not good at making topics, but if you all have any questions just post them and i'll happily answer them for you.

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well its been about 3 months since i posted this thread and still pretty much clear. i still get a small breakout because ive been eating like shit, but its really nothing.

Looks like no1 wants to give this a try. I told a coworker the other night about what cleared me up and gave him the website. he's gonna take a shot at it.

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