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my problem is that I gain weight even if im getting like 1600-1700 kcal per day. I exercise daily (not too much, just light running). I don't really count strictly or anything so it might just be that my numbers are off, but i don't think so.

what should i do? i only want to keep my current weight. no gain, no loss, while getting more calories. 2000 would be nice. (why? because i believe that long term low calorie intake has problems like hair loss etc. etc. but correct me if im wrong).

I'm 136 lbs now.


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try carefully counting your calories for a few days and see if you really are taking in 1600-1700 per day. make sure you take portion size into account. you might be getting more calories than you think because portion sizes on food packages tend to be a bit small.

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A bit more intensive exercise will boost your metabolism. So will a good cup of coffee. So exercise and coffee are two good starting points. Also eat small frequent meals throughout the day; that will boost the metabolism and the efficiency of your body.

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hmm so apparently my super-high carb based diet was contributing somewhat. (I was getting ~15 grams of fat per day before, and like 30 grams protein, the rest carbs)

Does anyone know the number of calories that you should NOT go below for health reasons? I feel pretty full all the time so i force myself to eat (so I'm not starving myself).

I hear 1500..does that sound pretty airtight? I don't want to deprive my organs of the nutrition they need. (and if i were on ~1500 calories for months on end, would that have long term bad effects as long as im NOT losing weight?)

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