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Self Tanner Follow Up

Well I promised I would give feedback as to my self tanning experience while on DKR. I went to a salon for a spray tan and it turned out BEAUTIFUL! :surprised:

I snuck into the cupboard to see what tanning product they use and I ordered some for myself online cause I like the color so much.

My face did lighten up much faster than the rest of me. I'm not sure if that's caused by the BP gel or just the fact that I wash the face on my skin at least twice as often as the rest of me LOL. But I didn't get any weird discoloration from the BP so it's safe to tan the safe way! :dance:

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I'm glad you love your color! I didn't foresee a problem with BP as I spray tan just fine while using glycolic acid. :)

Isn't that color terrific???

I like Sally Hansen Airbrush sun myself. I bought three of their products: body tanning spray, facial tanning spray and an after spray tan moisturizing spray. Their moisturizing spray has a tiny bit of shimmer to it and it looks gorgeous on the tanned skin. I am going to have to buy more and more of that stuff. :) All of them worked great.

Proper exfoliation prior to the spray is paramount! I used a baby's hair brush vigorously on my body (particularly on the knees and elbows and feet) and gently on the face. Delicious sunny summer kissed tan. :)

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Woohoo, glad it worked out nicely Teirrah! Thanks for sharing your experience. What was the particular kind of fake tanner?

It's made by St. Tropez and it's just called bronzing mist spray. It has an olive base to it so it doesn't look orange, it turned out awesome.

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Thanks for the update. :)

Are you going to have to redo your face before the rest of your body?

Well, I ordered my own bottle so I'll probably touch up my face between salon tans once that comes. The website said some people touch up their face by applying the tanner with a makeup sponge, which also helps for an even coverage. So I'll probably try that. I'm not gonna waste a salon tan on just my face because it's like $20 each visit :shifty:

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