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Thinking of trying BCP...

Hi all. First post on acne.org :)

I've been taking antibiotics for my acne since late august. I used doxycycline for two months, didn't help me much, then switched to minocycline which has managed to clear my skin of most of the inflamed acne I had.. Which is good!

BUT my biggest problem is my super oily skin and bad congestion. My pores are sooo clogged and blackheady, not only on my face but my chest and to a lesser extent my back... I've tried topicals in the past with little success.

Thinking of trying a BCP now, if only to reduce how oily my skin and hair get- my skin gets all shiney an hour or so after washing and I have to wash my hair everyday. Any thoughts on if they would be effective for me? What's everyone elses experience with BCP like..? My derm suggested Diane 35 but I'm kinda worried about potential side effects so I was thinking of asking for Yasmin instead...

Thanks in advance guys!

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Everyone is different and you will differ now in how you react to 10 years from now. Give it a try as long as you don't have other high risk factors (over 35, smoker). I am on Yasmin and at month 6 I was clear. I now get one pimple a month (usually around menstration) and it's tiny.

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