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blackheads and pores

Does accutane get rid of blackheads and large pores or just pimples?? If so do they come back after accutane??

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Hi there -

Accutane shrinks and empties the oil glands. Blackheads and pores clear out, however what size of pores you are born with is the size they stay. What you will have is cleaner and tighter pores so they will look smaller and smooth. Your whole face will be smooth like it was when you were a kid! Once you go off Tane, you will need to maintain the results with either good skincare and/or mild topicals (if needed) from your Derm. I hope that answers your questions.

I'm ending my Tane journey this month. My pores are tighter and clear and face really smooth. It's amazing. Just be gentle to your skin and use gentle skincare and lube up! Watch for any side effects as you go along and if any concerns - ask your Derm. right away.

Good luck.

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i am concerened that i am not getting the most out of my accutane experience. i am in month 6 at 40mg. i am currently experiencing oily-nose pores and breakouts-still!! i will put on makeup, or wash my face. several minutes later-oil is coming out. noticeably so. what is the deal?? i posted this before re: oil, but no informative replies. please help. it got better, then worse.

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