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I now think diet doesn't cause my breakouts...

Im on dans regimen and my skin looks pretty damn good. about 85%-90% clear. I eat a very healthy diet as well but i dont know anymore if eating foods with processed sugars and carbs are causing my breakouts.. for a while reading all these posts on here it made me belive it might but i really dont think so. 1 week ago i had like a pound of penny al vodka with rich cream and thats high in salt and fats and i didn't break out bad i just got the usualy small pustule that went away in a day with spot treatment. so did eating that cause my inflamattion i really dont think so. I mean dont get me wrong I think some people with food allergies can deff breakout from certain foods but I feel if you eat things in moderation you wont break out.. I just had some organic cereal a good amount i used to be paranoid because of the refined sugars and all that but idc anymore. and all of you who worry about that kind of stuff shouldn't either. tell me what you guys think.

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I break out from eating grains, dairy and sugar (refined).

However, I am not allergic to any of the above.

That kind of throws your "anything in moderation" theory out.

But interesting ideas. :-D

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Just look at my signature link if you're skeptical. In the link there are people with evidence in pictures that their skin becomes clear from treating it primarily with diet. Plus, there are various studies that show that diet does affect acne.

Of course, it's not typically "fatty" or "salty" or even "carby" foods that cause acne. The most common triggers seem to be gluten and dairy.

But you might not be one of the people for whom diet is a primary cause of their acne...but I seriously doubt it.

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