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is this irritation or acne?

Hey everyone,

My face just wont let me win.....I pretty much beat my acne now, im 100% clear on my forehead, cheeks, and chin, but my damn face always finds some curveball to throw me. Now what's recently been happening is that right under my eye (not the very very tender part immediately under the eye) but a few centimeters down right next to my nose, it gets very red and irritated some times in a little patch, with little what looks like white heads. Its not a huge problem and isn't that noticable since my cheeks are kind of rosey anyways, but I dont like it.

The problem is, I dunno if its caused from irritation or acne. If I put BP on it, i dunno if it's gonna make it worse or better, the same goes with if I just leave it alone and moisturize it.

Anyone have any suggestions on what it is?


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Does it itch? If it's very itchy I would think it's irritation. I get clogged pores there sometimes (under me eyes but next to my nose). You could try a pore cleansing strip to see if it lifts anything out.

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Nope it doesn't itch, it just feels like dry and almost like crusty sometimes when I run my finger over it? It could be clogged pores, because there are small little white dots sometimes.

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