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just starting spironolactone; zit clusters

Hi Everyone,

I just started spironolactone less than two weeks ago, and seem to be flaring. Has anyone else had that experience?

I am hopeful that it will eventually work, because my acne seems to be hormonal. I was clear for a while on doxycycline and tazorac, but flared badly when I had to take a course of progesterone to try to get my period (didn't have it for two years). Doh! It didn't even work!

Also, my zits tend to come in clusters or seem to spread. Does anyone have advice for isolating one zit, so that it doesn't spread?

I also wanted to express my disgust with myself for being such a crybaby about this. I have been so depressed and anxious since I start breaking out again. I think I am ruining my own life, because of my acne. I broke up with a very nice guy (over email), because I couldn't handle my anxiety over him seeing my face on our next date. I always do this - reject people, because of my acne, before they have a chance to reject me.

Please don't do this to yourself. Realize that you have to show the beauty of yourself through your acne. If you are a good person, it will come through so much that other good people will be blinded to your acne. They will just see a good person, not an acne sufferer.

Also, don't pick your face. Zits look so much worse all bloody and crusty. Trust me, I know it sucks to be walking around with puss coming out of your face, thinking the next person you talk to is going to feel like they have to dodge an eruption, but it is better than a cruddy-looking sore.

I really like this site, and would like to hear from anyone. I am also open to any advice or positive reinforcement about dealing the the emotional stress of acne.

Have a great day everyone! You are beautiful!





neutrogena moisturizer


bare minerals makeup

50 mg spironolactone

Ortho Tri-Cyclen

100 mg doxycyclene


50 mg spironolactone



neutrogena moisturizer


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