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Allergy Test To Determine The Cause of Acne - Who? How?

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After a few weeks of messing around with the anti-acne diets (it's been that long since I knowingly consumed wheat or dairy, apart from one day of Thanksgiving cheating) I'm feeling frustrated and freaking hungry. I know it's supposed to take twice this long to show any results but my skin actually looks worse than it did before; I'm getting breakouts where I never had them before. I'd go to a dermatologist but I live in Japan and the state of most people's skin here is so bad that I've come to the conclusion that dermatological care is a) unaffordable or b)incompetent. Both of which I think are good reasons to wait until I go back home for a visit this month.

I want either a dermatological evaluation or an allergy test. So my question is - can I get an allergy test at the derm or do I need to go somewhere else? How much do allergy tests usually cost? Should I even bother with the derm since they've never done anything for me before apart from look at me for 5 seconds and charge me 100 dollars? I'm sure that my acne problem is internal rather than external; I've tried everything on my skin and nothing has worked. Or should I just go to a holistic doctor instead?

Any recs? ;)

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Suzy - I never ate much dairy; never drank milk or ate much cheese. If I had dairy it was usually mixed in with something, like a cookie or junk food. Anyway, I have stopped all dairy and see no change so I don't think it's the dairy.

Anyway, I just want to know how I can get an allergy test done - derm? Do I need a different doctor altogether?

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I've booked an appointment for an allergy test next month. I booked it through the doctor at my school's health clinic. I'm guessing any family doctor can do this. The doctor didn't want to book it at first when I told her I want to see if I was allergic to certain food that may cause acne, but I convinced her after I told her about the bad reactions I had to topicals and antibiotics.

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