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Im on month 3--80mg- and Im NOT peeling ...is accutane not working??

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Like I said im 1/2 way through month 3 and im on a relatively high dose for my weight (135). Im not even putting on moisturizer (according to my derm i shouldnt wear any!).........my face is not peeling!! i feel like the med isnt working...maybe this has to do with the fact that i dont ingest it with a fatty meal?

also what do u guys think about NOT moisturizing while on 'tane??

doesnt seem right to me..at all.....i mean its winter, and i should be protecting my skin...

any advice/opinions would be greatly appreaciated!

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I feel exactly the same way...I'm at about week six on 40mg one day, 80mg the next, and weight about 120lbs. There's basically no change in my skin...no dryness, acne is no better or no worse than it was before treatment. I'm really worried about it. I wish someone knew something about why!

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You may not be absorbing enough of it without a fatty meal. Why no moisturizer? How about sunscreen?! Very odd! Did they mean no moisturizer containing oil? Because you generally should not put those on your face, even though some people have good results using Emu oil, olive oil, etc.

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I don't think a huge amount of people actually experience peeling. I was expecting loads after all the hype that accutane gets for causing peeling, but I had very very minor peeling of a few face parts near the start, and now...nothing! I use moiusturiser twice a day though. But seriously, the peeling I've had on this was nothing compared to differin! Are your lips peeling? That's the only peeling I have really. I think everyone reacts in different ways!

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