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WTF? Proactiv has done nothing but made my skin WORSE over these past couple months. I'm so frustrated with proactiv, i can hardly type. So today I'm going back to AcneFree. At least that stuff works better than proactiv.

I just don't understand why this year I have whiteheads. I've never had them before. My cheeks were the clearest part of my face up until this past summer. Whyyyyy. It's not fair.

Has anyone here ever used proacne? I did over a year ago, and it cleared my face like no other. Best product out there for me. Yeah, until they took it off the shelves, changed a few ingredients, and the name to Acnefree. I heard that it would work just as well, but i discovered differently. It works...just not as well.

oh yeah and i took a few of yours' advice and got me some cetaphil moisturizer. it's great! besides the fact that i'm breaking out worse than ever....but thats proactiv's fault of course.

i hate my skin and i'm obsessing over it more than ever lately. it would be different if i didn't have a boyfriend, i probably wouldnt care as much. but sometimes i feel so ugly around him. and i know he doesn't care...he has some acne too...it's just i feel like i should have clear skin. all the time i just think to myself: "If i had clear skin, i would be ten times the person i am right now." and it's so true.

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Acne does not change the type of person you are. Your boyfriend likes you for you and does not care about how much acne you do/don't have. Having no acne will not make you a better person, less stressed, ok.

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