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about to start the regimen - can i still use foundation?

hey there. as the title states, i'm about to start the DK regimen as soon as my products arrive.

i'm not at all worried about slacking off on all the steps and whatnot, since i'm a pretty fastidious person anyways and with my skin being such a problem over the past few years, i'm more than used to spending a lot of time on it a couple of times a day. i've read all the FAQs, read most of that's on the messageboard, and i've watched the videos a few times each. i'm 100% prepared for the commitment.


i'm still a little worried about whether i can use makeup (namely foundation) while doing the regimen. particularly in the first three months.

i know the FAQ states that all of your makeup should be oil free (mine is), and that it's dan's general suggestion that one should discontinue use of all makeup during the first couple of months they're using his products, but...i mean come on. if i had the kind of skin that i was even remotely comfortable showing to the public in the light of day without makeup, i wouldn't be here in the first place.

i hate to sound stubborn, but completely skipping foundation for upwards of three months is a very very VERY last resort for me.

so in summary i'm just wondering if i HAVE to stop wearing foundation when i start the DK regimen, or if there are women around here who've had success with it AND kept wearing foundation.

other possibly pertinent information: i don't have very sensitive skin, nor do i have particularly dry skin (i moisturize every time i wash my face, and when my products arrive i'll just switch over to the DK brand). as i said, i use only oil-free makeup, and i never use powder.


thanks in advance for any replies.

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If you're pretty sure that your makeup isn't making your skin worse, then I think it should be fine to use it with the regimen. You might have some trouble applying it on top of layers of BP and moisturizer, though, so be prepared for some clumps and flakes that mess up your application.

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Just in my own experience...

I was using MAC liquid foundation before using the DKR. Once i started the regimen up I decided to switch to mineral makeup and I LOVE it! When on the regimen you are putting A LOT of BP and moisturizer on morning and night. While I don't feel that the regimen feels gunky or too heavy, I didn't want to add another layer of anything so I switched to just using the mineral makeup. I LOVE only using a little bit of powder instead of piling on foundation, and it really does give great coverage. If you're worried about your face being too dry I would try mixing jojoba oil with your moisturizer, that has solved ALL of my dryness issues and many others have commented on this as well on the site. Also 'cool as kim deal' gave a great suggestion not too long ago of using the jojoba oil as an exfoliation/moisturizer method too. It works WONDERS! Anyway, you may not have any problems with liquid foundation but I would suggest switching to minerals! :proud:

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