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That is the not-so-new cleanse but interesting nonetheless. It comprises of: lemon water, cayenne powder, herbal laxative tea, and grade B maple syrup. I've recently read a book about it, and it seems like a reasonable cleanse, usually lasting AT LEAST 10 days for potential maximum results. I am planning to undertake this cleanse when Christmas break starts. I don't want to be going to the bathroom 4 times a day during school :confused: I'm sure this has been discussed here before, but if so, I would insist on inputing your opinion/experience. Thanks.

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I actually just completed this in early November. I did it for 12 days. It dramatically helped my skin during that time (I saw more improvement faster than with anything else), so far so good since then. I've had to really change my diet though. I ended the cleanse right, but then I started eating bread and muffins... the usual again and i started breaking out again. So, I've been reading a lot A LOT about diet and cleansing... anything actually... and have virtually cut out anything I suspect to be culprit (not just for acne, tiredness, headaches...), which is basically casein, gluten, soy, peanuts, and refined sugars . And obviously my acne condition is, I consider, pretty dire so I know i have years of bad eating to get over, so it may take some time. The master cleanse was a great way to kick start the healing. I would recommend the master cleanse to anyone... but it is not a fix all... you have to maintain. And I lost 10 lbs to boot (in all the right places). :)

They have a great forum where you can ask questions at www.themastercleanse.com

I would also recommend getting the book "Lose weight, gain more energy, and be happier in 10 days" by Peter Glickman.

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I have not tried this but my boyfriend did this once for 10 days and lost 20+ lbs. He did gain it back but it is not due to the cleanse he just gave in to junk foods after a few months. He was really exhausted the first few days of fasting but was fine. He has incredible skin so I can't say if it helps with acne or not. Also, I don't remember him using the tea, just lemons, cayanne pepper and organic maple syrup.

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