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did accutane give you scarring?

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if yes:

did you have a severe initial breakout?

did you pick or no?

did you have prior scarring before starting tane?

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If Accutane gave you scarring, I am guessing Pepsi or Sprite would too. These people with acne do not see the scars real good as they are red or whatever, mixing in with the acne.

They clear up and now they concentrate on seeing scars rather than zits imo. :shifty:

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I scarred before accutane and I scarred on accutane. Except that before accutane I got a pimple every single day that scarred, while I had only few a month on tane that scarred also. And no it didnt give me no significant initial breakouts during both courses. I don't know if I will see the permanent side effects of such a strong drug as accutane in the future (like when Im really old), but now I can say that it helped me alot emotionally when things were REALLY fucked up.

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Accutane has given me

1 scars

2 borderline bi polar disorder

3 itchy dry head

4 lips that continue to crack without the use of vaseline (cheilitis)

I am only just sorting out problem 3 and 4, fingers crossed about problems 1 and 2 (which are linked since one look at my scars in a car mirror can bring me down for days)

on a plus side, it solved my acne problems, which , looking back on it, wernt really that big of a deal, and id rather have pimples then scars a million times over.

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If you have acne, you will scar.

I had scars before and after Accutane. But my acne was so cystic that I had really no choice. i would probably have both now.

I think for someone that has mild acne accutane should be given in a very low dosage, that way it won't create an IB. I wish I new that before my mild, moderate acne became cystic after 15 years. :(

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