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Products similar to DKR in Sweden?

(Oh crap, didn't notice the International Products board! Please move the thread if it's supposed to go there)


Just wondering if there are any swedes who knows of any good products similar to the ones used in Dans regimen! I thought I'd buy some off his site but saw that shipping to Sweden wasn't guaranteed (anyone tried, knows if it's safe to try?).

I have some ACO products, but I've read some negative things about them (though I can't confirm these opinions were just biased or not), so I don't really know what to use! Have also been to a derm a couple of times (spread out over 1.5 yrs perhaps) but the results never seem to last very long, or help at all.

Currently using a Cleanser (details at bottom of thread), Basiron gel (5% BP, I don't think we have 2.5% here), and Moisturizer afterwards. There's also some kind of Cover stick/cover up which I use (in ACO's series which I use), but it seems to contain ingredients which weren't very good for acne at all!

Night time I use Cleanser, Differine, and sometimes Moisturizer.

I've actually tried some variant of DKR about a year ago. It cleaned up pretty well (used maybe 4-5 months) but later seemed to lose it's effect for some reason... so I tried other BP-like treatments from the derm which had the same effet - ineffective after having been effective for awhile. I also seem to get my breakouts when I get sick! Else, they just pop up on regular basis.

So, what was my question now again... : / Yeah, I thought I'd try DKR again, but I could need some help with the products, because I don't really know what to buy here in Sweden!

Here's the ACO ones:

Scroll down to bottom of the page for ingredients!

Cleansing face wash: http://www.aconordic.com/default.asp?sid=2932&pid=2181

Moisturising face gel: http://www.aconordic.com/default.asp?sid=2932&pid=2178

Evil(?) cover stick: http://www.aconordic.com/default.asp?sid=2932&pid=2179

Thanks for any advice!

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I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and I get everything shipped within a week. Pay with Paypal if you can, much easier.

Oh and I've never had it taken by customs before. But others have so, just lucky I guess.

Good luck.

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I live in Finland, and I've been wondering about these regimen products too. So far I've discovered two BP creams - and thats all there seems to be!

It would be good to know what people use here.

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Oh and hows the Basiron gel working out for you?

I think there are just two (!) gels here in these nordic parts, the basiron and then brevoxel (sp?)

I was thinking of trying the basiron.

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