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Had 2nd Subcision this week

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I had my 2nd subcision this week, the first was about 2-3 months ago. I have pretty moderate to severe scars and the initial subcision helped tremendously. My doc mentioned when she was doing it that my scars were severely tethered down and it felt and sounded like popping through grissle to break the tethers. This subcision two days ago was entirely different. Hardly any retethering and it only took about 15 minutes. I also chose to do BOTOX for my forehead lines and scars and the furrow lines between my eyes. I really thought that BOTOX was immediate but it actually takes 2-5 days to see full results. Each day my lines and scars are less and less and the furrow is almost gone. BOTOX lasts supposedly about 4 months. It has made a huge difference already less than 48 hours later. Hoping for them to be totally gone in the next couple days. If so then I will be a BOTOX addict going in every 4 months.

I'm scheduled for fillers on January 4th. She wanted to wait a full month between subcision and fillers. I'll be getting Radiesse which she said is the best for my type of scarring. She said it will last about a year, but realistically I'm hoping for 6 months. Has anyone used Radiesse? A bit nervous, but so excited and can't wait to get it done. Going on a cruise in February, so the timing will be perfect for the best looking results. My doc says that with each subcision and filler treatment, more and more collagen will fill in naturally and eventually I won't need anything else (if I live that long!) but I know my skin will never be perfect as I has lots of scarring and my skin texture is not great. My biggest issue really is my nose and there is not much you can do about it. Scarred and large pores. Does anyone know of a good treatment to keep away blackheads and minimize pores?

Well I will update along the way, especially after the fillers. I did have 2 Fraxels done in the last 6 months, but stopped for a variety of reasons. I do see some improvement and know that there would be more with the proper number of Fraxels, just not sure if the price is worth it for my amount of scarring. I may look into a C02 laser in the future when I can afford the downtime.


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Thanks for posting.

Where did you get your treatments done? Also, what was/is your downtime like? Did you bruise? Is there more or less bruising from the second round? How long did it take you to heal the first time where it wasn't as noticeable?

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I want to get subcision as I'm almost positive it would help me out. I can't find a doc though. What would you estimate your leveling of the scars to be after the 1st treatment?

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I'd love to see some pics, if you have any! (I'm the worst about tracking my own progress, but it would give some of us hope!)

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The first subcision I bruised quite a bit (I have a post on here somewhere all about it) because the nurse didn't apply pressure where she was suppose to and I goose-egged on my left temple so a good bruise there. But all bruising was gone within a few days. This time, I have a nice bruise on my left cheek where my worse scarring is. I had a good size cyst removed over 20 years ago by an Army surgeon that was terrible and lived with this scarring for all these years....its is pretty severe. The first subcision really helped but it did sink back down, though not nearly like what it was originally and according to my derm, did not reattach. This time I hope it will help more. I also have severe scarring on my temples where subcision is hard to get to, but she does get into those areas somewhat with the needle, but plans to fill them in with the Radiesse. My right cheek is scarred but not horribly but scars here and there. My chin is also fairly scarred (damn cystic acne) but my lower cheeks are scar free. Right now I have the bruise on my left cheek, which I assume with go away within a few days and the BOTOX is doing well on my forehead. My lines are gone (I'm almost 46 so some good life grooves there) and scarring is very soft and almost gone. I thought maybe I wouldn't be able to lift my eyebrows or make any expressions with all the news you hear about BOTOX, but I can with no problem. I will ask her to BOTOX my crows feet next time since I'm am reading lots about what BOTOX can do. My treatments are done my Dr. Mary Lupo, (http://www.drmarylupo.com/) who is a popular cosmetic derm here in New Orleans. Home of Dr. Y, and while I considered him many years ago, would never attempt dermabrasion now. I've personally met people here that have had it done (by him and others) and the results were not all that great. And all of them warned me NOT to do it.

Other than that, I'm so far happy with the subcision and can see getting this done regularly rather than Fraxel. It cost me $250 the first time and then $600 with the subcision and BOTOX this week. Have no idea what the Radiesse will cost, but if it lasts 6 months and then I need less next time, I'm all for it. I could easily pay $1200/YR to keep this up if I continue to get the same results. And while I am older than most of you here, I am definitely considering a face lift in a few years and I think that will eradicate most of my scarring. My doc took before and after photos each time so I will ask her to email them to me so I can post them.

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Yes, thanks for the update! I had botox last year while I was having other stuff done. That stuff is amazing! I wish other treatments were as effective! Once we are a bit more financially stable, I plan to do it regularly!

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