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Fraxel+Dermaroller combo

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I would like to know if it is practical to combine the 2 aforementioned procedures?

And if it is which one should i do first?

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some guy named stonewall came on here and made a thread about this. he did the combo treatment. but he never came back to report. i assume that means he was happy enough to forget about acne.org and get out of the house.

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I'm going to try this combo.I will use 1.5mm two days before Fraxel as to loosen any scar tissue.

Sort of like a subcision.Fraxel in 2 weeks.I will keep an update.

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AmonRa, I did Fraxel Repair and then waited a couple of months and did 12 weeks of rolling along with SuperCop 2X. I then waited and did Fraxel Repair again, but I have not rolled again.

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I think alternating the treatments could be good, but personally i would do a series of dermaroller so you become familiar with how to perform them properly. You don't want to be getting fraxel in between doing dermaroller when you don't know what the results may be like. You could even do more harm than good if you aren't doing them properly. There is plenty of info availible on here to find out how to do it properly. I recommend watchign videos on youtube to get an idea of the agressiveness needed aswell...

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Over 2 years ago,i did do a Subsicion w/fraxel II and on one side of my face i had great improvement.The other side has a little deeper scars and needs a little more.I do have a good amount of sculptra which i had injected recently and i have a gut feeling is going to help with the next fraxel.I've said this on other posts that if you don't have enough collagen,you will not get the results you want.

P.S. The subcision w/fraxel II combo has been a permanent improvement,even when i dieted down for bodybuilding purposes..it still looked good.

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