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Acne and geographic location

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At 16, I moved to Canada, way inside, where it's winter for 5 months and the air is dry. Before that, I had lived in cities on the sea, with temperate climates and no dryness. I never had acne before Canada.

Weeks after hitting Canada, I got acne. At 16 I thought nothing much of it. Sure, I hated it, but I thought it would soon go away. I never tried to get rid of it via treatments / regs until recently.

The stuff below is unrelated, it's about how I feel.

I've been here a bit over 5 years now, and the acne has not gotten better. At 22, it's a real bitch. It's hitting me right in the head now. I figure I've developed depression and bdd, though I've never been diagnosed (tbh I hate doctors). In the years before, whenever I got a solid breakout I'd still go to school. Once there, I'd slip into a trance until I got home. But now I can no longer do that. I skip uni classes and just stay at home. I have no more drive. I can't do homeworks anymore. I feel it's been a good day when I muster enough will to watch a movie or play computer games for more than an hour.

I've developed suicidal ideation. I've pretty much decided to suicide if I don't get rid of acne in the next 2-3 years.

I'll never be ok with living with acne. I can't stand myself with this thing. I suppose one can have a normal life despite acne, but I don't want that. I just want clear skin. I don't want to be handsome or anything. Clear skin will do.

But this isn't my stupid life story. In the summer, I went back to the place where I was born for 40-50 days. That place is on the sea, different climate different humidity. I thought my acne weakened significantly there (that's the worst, I wonder if I was just deluding myself). When I got back to Canada, for the first month I had very little problems. I seriously thought the thing had disappeared on its own. Then breakouts started again. I began to try various treatments, with no results.

So I wonder, could it be that the air in Canada just isn't for me? If I go back to where I was born, would the thing go away, or at least abate? Has anyone had any experience with this? Would moving help?

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Well I personally do not believe location has a serious impact. I believe acne is more caused by your lifestyle, genetics, diet and mental well being.

I live in Vancouver but I was raised in the prairies and I cant say I had a noticeable difference with my skin due to the different temps/humidity.

I know your feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts as I believe a lot of people that suffer from acne do. Just remember your not alone and there are a lot of people going through what you are.

Have you considered seeing a dermatologist about your skin? I have yet to see one myself but I have done a lot of research on acne and one of the things I realized was that my diet or at least my "processing" of foods had a huge impact on acne. Once I started taking laxatives and cut out dairy products, white bread, junk food and other manufactured foods I had a HUGE improvement.

Something else i found that really helps is doing daily towel steams on my face to open up the pores and let them breath and then on top of that going for a run to let the sweat clear out the pores.

But as far as your initial question goes, no I don't believe location has a huge impact on acne. Even when i went to Hawaii last summer i didn't notice much of an improvement and i was swimming in the ocean daily for over two weeks.

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I might see a dermatologist eventually, but I'm skeptical as hell about it.

It might seem weird, but your suggestions about dairy products, white bread and laxatives seem pretty good to me. I'll probably start taking fiber pills tomorrow and will completely cut off dairy and white bread from my diet. This is not just random insanity, I've had periods with no white bread (typically, I prefer dark bread anyway) and dairy, and though I hold no records, maybe my acne was better then? I don't eat junk food, but my diet is weak anyway.

Thanks for your reply.

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