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I started with moderate acne. When I first ended my course, I wasn't clear, but my acne was mild (albeit with scarring and redmarks). However, in the two months since I ended my course, my acne has gradually become worse and I am approaching my old skin.

I've used:


-Clindamycin (Evoclin)

-Benzoyl Peroxide (including Dan's Regimen)


I'm losing all hope and thinking I may just have to hide in the corner for the rest of my adolescence. What else can the derm give me once Accutane's failed? What should I do between now and my appoinment with the derm?

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That sucks. I'm sorry Accutane didn't work for you.

I saw you've tried Differin, have you tried Retin A? Some have said Retin A works better than Differin (and vice versa). Maybe Retin A would work better for you. Or, maybe Finacea? That has worked for some folks too. Also, be sure to look into the skincare and haircare you are using. Often there are comedogenic or irritating ingredients in cleansers, shampoos, etc. For example, Sodium Lauryl and Laureth sulfates irritate many skins, which is in numerous cleansers and shampoos, other ingredients (like stearates, palmitates, lanolins, mineral oils, etc. clog pores. Maybe switching your skin care to something else - I know there are TONS of choices though. Neostrata has a good skincare regimen, La Roche Posay, Paula's Choice products... Your Derm. may have some recommendations too. Also, change your pillowcase and bedsheets often - buildup can cause acne on the skin.

Hope things get better soon.


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