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Justin Time

Pimple Won't Do Anything!

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I have this pimple (obviously) on my cheek, but it is pretty unusual. It is not incredibly large, or hard, or anything. But it has been on my face for a couple months now, and it never becomes hard or white enough to pop, and seems destined to be on my face as a medium sized softish red area forever.

Now this wouldn't bother me a huge amount. But it happens to be right under a small freckle, which looks kinfa wierd.

So does anyone know any way aside from bacon grease or something gross to get a pimple to turn white or something so I could pop it?

I would love to have it ready to pop in atleast a week or two, as in a month I am going somewhere special and would like to look nice.

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Yeah i've got a similar thing - most of my acne has cleared up, but on my right cheek i have this hardish bump, quite large which has a shiny surface, but it's not a spot... not sure what it is and has been there for about a week now? Not sure what to do, it's really annoying me.

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Yes someone from acne.org suggested a wonderful idea to me and Ive done it numerous times. What you do is you fill a glass with luke warm water if you can, if not then hot water. Put a green tea bag in it and then place it in the microwave for a minute. Remove the tea bag and wrap it around a paper towel and then fold the paper towel in fourths and use that as a hot compress on your pimple. Dont press too hard or you will burn your skin. Use it on the pimple for about five minutes. It will bring it to a head and if it doesnt bring it to a head immediately, the hot compress will cause it to come to a whitehead while you are sleeping.

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