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Baby Brush+Green Cream+Aloe vera Gel!!!!

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Okay i have comdones+ SUPPEERRR oily skin, so i thought about this routine Wash face w/ Cetaphil Facial Cleanser, use a baby brush to exfoliate while washing, small amount of PC BHA 2%, Green Cream the Aloe Vera Gel, hows that sound, i think it might over dry my face, what do u guys think?????

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My routine is similiar to yours.

I have oily skin as well. I cleanse in the AM with some oats (or Purpose cleanser), apply jojoba oil, apply PC bha 2%, wait about 10-15 minutes, apply aloe vera gel. In the PM, I do the same except I replace the bha with Green cream and wait a bit longer to apply the aloe vera gel. MY face has been fine although I don't know how it'd be without the jojoba oil. Give it a try. If you notice any dryness, tweak the routine a bit... don't apply GC one day/night, or bha, etc. Maybe you'd like to add some jojoba oil/something moisturizing in your routine.

Wait, you're using the Green over your bha? Hmmmm. Maybe someone else can help you as to if you should be doing that.

Good luck.

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Ehhh, sometimes if the bottle squirts out more than I'd like. I still apply it to my face and if I find it too oily looking I wipe off some that gets left on my hands and go over my face again, gently & I'm good. If anything, it makes my skin looks glowing and healthy.

Why? You've tried it and that's what you got?

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no, its just that i havent paid it any mind til you told me, but i hope it doesn't aggrevate my comedonal acne cuz i think the reason my comedonal acne wont go away is becuz to much oil

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If anything, jojoba oil has balanced out the oil on my face... as it has also done for others. I use to have to blot every 2 hours or so and now I never blot. :) It also has helped me with clogged pores.

"Studies have shown jojoba and grape seed oil mimic the natural oils that your hair and skin produce."

"Jojoba Oil can be used to remove make-up, cleanse clogged pores, soften skin, moisturize hair and scalp plus it is suitable for sensitive skin"

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