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this thread will span several months-- if I can keep it going. i've noticed that I don't pay much attention to my acne when its mild, but I get very frustrated when it becomes more forceful. I have decided to start this thread to learn more about my acne, specifically, I wanna know how often do I have mild acne, how often moderate, how often I get cysts, how long does each take to go away, what parts of my face are most troublesome

I'll probably be documenting 2x a week how my acne is going and what products I'm currently using.

I'm 23yo., w/ mild, sometimes moderate acne. I experience cysts once in a while.

I've been doing botchla's regimen once a day and applying 100% aloe vera gel.

First I shave (no shaving cream), then I apply the two C&C products at the same time on my face (this is a slight variation from botchla's original regimen, but it works better), gently massage, wait slightly over 1 minute and rinse. After 10 min or so I put a shitload of aloe vera gel. I really like the stuff.

I'll probably be adding B5 (pantothenic acid) in the coming months if I still have cysts coming up once in a while.


I have 2 small cysts on my left cheek, a big pimple on the right, one cyst and one zit on my forehead, also a tiny zit underneath my lips.

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i've been pretty clear since writing my 1st log. I guess those cysts werent really cysts, but big pimples. i've been doin botchla's + aloe + persa gel just on the big zits.

however, today, one of the big pimples that was on my forehead resurfaced in the same spot, although not as big. I also have a big one on the far side of my right cheek.

overall not bad, some bumpy red spots on my trouble areas (forehead, left e right cheek).

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I found aveeno shaving cream works really good. Its (non comegendic) won't clog pores and it will probably cause less irration than using nothing. Also, if you don't already shaving everyday has really helped me.

People also say to use 99% aloe vera instead of 100% i don't know why though.

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still using the 3 products and nothing else. i've been 100% acne free for like 4 days. I wonder how long b4 I break out again.

overall I still don't like my skin texture, and the tiny red bumps. I wonder if B5 would fix that.

swordfish, I shave everyday and I agree, its the best way to do it. i dont get any irritation whatsoever and my facial hair is not that strong or thick so I'll keep on using just water cause its working fine. and I won't change my aloe under any circumstances cause 100% its just awesome

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yeah haven't updated last week.

been 99% clear since last post. that zit under my lip was pretty big and nasty for a while, but its gone.

i've been using the new "advantage acne cleanser" from C & C in place of the blackhead clearing scrub. it costs the same thing and it is also 2 % SA. its been working better.

I'll still use the scrub 2x a week, cause I think the occasional scrub is a good idea.

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well I guess I don't need to update this anymore. i've been acne free for so long that i can't remember how my face looked w/ acne. i m very happy and i owe it to botchla.

Good luck all of u

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So are u saying your still using the products together.... but now its the The advantage thingy... and the Continuous control...

and u said you were already clear before u said u started using the Advantage thingy... so how is it working BETTER... i dont understand... and I'm thinking that its the same thing doing both at the same time and doing one after the other...


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