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Does anyone take vitamin supplements (Vitamin-E,Vitamin-A,Zinc etc...) while on the regimen?

If so tell me how did it affect your skin, hair or health

I take Ultimate Omega-3 EPA-813 DHA-563 and Vitamin-A 8,000 I.U in the morning.

Then at night I take Vitamin-E 200 I.U and Zinc Gluconate 50mg.

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I just take Walmart's centrum and some NOW Super DHA.

Multi-vitamins are just to prevent mineral deficiencies. Something really easy to fix that can vastly improve your life. Omega 3s are because I don't like fish, but I want the insane health benefits of DHA/EPA.

Nothing can replace fruits/vegetables when it comes to anti-inflammatory effects. Take grapes for example: So many compounds found to improve heart health, with Resveratrol among them. You don't absorb this stuff well in pill form because the body responds to food with certain enzymes.

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My acne isn't as bad as used to be on my face and almost none on my back anymore. For me though I still eat a lot of unhealthy foods and I haven't tried cutting wheat or dairy out of my diet yet.

I think if I actually keep to a healthy diet my acne would improve even more.

My hair is cut really short so I can't tell if their is a difference.

My skin isn't as dry as it used to be.

One thing I have noticed health wise is that I'm more sleepy now then I was before I started taking the vitamins... I'm thinking its because my body is working to adjust to the change.

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