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Go to your derm and ask for azelex or finacea. Ive only been using them since friday and I already notice some improvement. Also you can use hot tea compresses and it might bring them to a head. I do that a lot at night time

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What is the best way, I'm not talking the fastest, but the most 'efficient' way to get rid of a papule, i always have them, but at the moment i've got some considerably large ones around my nose and jaw and i am quite confused as my acne is just getting worse and worse, whereas the amount of changes i have made to try and stop the severity of my acne should have made my skin better, even by a small amount, but alas no, it just keeps getting worse.

Any ideas then?

+ no benzoyl peroxide, am allergic...allow!

How do you do a hot tea compress?

Okay fill a glass with hot water, put the tea bag in it, and then put it in the microwave for one minute. Take the glass out of the microwave, let it sit for a minute or two and then grab a paper towel and wrap the tea bag in it. Then put that on your papule for five to ten minutes. You can give your face a little bit of a one minute rest in between if youd like

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Details are in my regimen. But for the last 100 papules or so I am 100 for 100. What I do is flood that enemy with SA and BP. Either combination or pick one. It depends on the mood I am in and if I want white flakey stuff for skin for a day or so (BP). Then I watch the enemy die as I reign victorious with another scarless, painless, bloodless victory!

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