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Best complexion ive had in years!!!!!!!!!

Ive not posted on this board before, but used to lurk about 2 years ago and try various regimens that seemed to work for others, but never had any great deal of sucess.

Anyway, i just wanted to come back and post as i can imagine not many people visit here when their skin has cleared up.

Basically ive found the Jan Marini range to be amazing, especially combined with glycolic peels at a clinic. Ive recently had a baby, so my skin cleared up during pregnacy in the same way it does when you take contraceptive pills, and although i wasnt getting spots as much i still had scars and pigmentation, plus lots of blackheads.

After my hormones had settled down, i decided to go on the pill again to maintain the same effect and i then decided to 'work' on my face whilst i wasnt breaking out as much, so i booked a course of strong glycolic peels at a clinic (6 peels=1 TCA peel). I was skeptical when the beautician wanted me to use the products for 2 weeks prior to my first peel, as i thought it was just a way to get more money out of me, but i had a screaming baby with me on the day and just bought the travel sized kit, and was really impressed, after a few days i could tell the difference. In the end i had 4 peels, and have continued with the products and my skin is the best its been in years, and rather than put on make up to hid things i put a small amount on to emphasize things now.

My current routine is:

-the bioglycolic cleanser which does sting a bit, but you soon get used to it.

-Cesta serum, which is a strong vit c serum, helps with healing and fine lines.

-Bioclear lotion, glycolic serum which continues the deep exfoliation of the cleanser.

-Transformation cream, i initially hated this as it seemed too greasy and i was convinced it would give me spots, but in reality its hydrated and plumped out my skin, and gives me a really healthy glow, not a spot insight.

-SPF 30, to keep my previous pigmentation at bay.

The downside to this range is that in the UK its expensive, but when ive looked on US websites it doesnt seem to bad (unfortunately no one will ship it to the UK) so for now im stuck with paying the full price, but im hooked and cant imagine not using them forever, as i look younger too (im 25 now).

Just so you know ive used a mixture of cheaper and expensive products in the past and always used to favour dermalogica, but i think that whilst dermalogica is good, all it does is maintain your skin, where as the jan marini range actively works to improve your skin.

Any questions please ask.

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