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Is it possible I can't use OTS?

I had been using 10% b.p. every night for over a month for mild acne (worse around pms time). It was getting me clear, but the dryness was terrible. At the point where it started to burn, I figured I'd give DKR another try (tried it last year but stopped after a terrible breakout around the 2nd month).

I've had problems since the beginning: at least 5 papules that never came to a head, are just hard lumps under the skin, skin colored clogged pores that turn into inflamed pimples, just more and more breakouts, pretty much the same thing that happened this time last year. The left side of my face was clear for at least 2 weeks (using 10% bp), then when I started using OTS, I got 8 new pimples.

Is this normal? Should I stop DKR? or maybe try Dan's BP? I just know it's that on the spot stuff. I started slow-- it takes at least half a finger to put a thin layer over my whole face. It's day 14 and I'm up to a full finger at night, half in the morning. NO burning or redness, just a little dryness I take care of with Complex 15.

Sorry this was so long; I just really need some help :)

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Your acne might be too persistent to be managed by even a large amount of 2.5% BP, based on your experience with 10% BP vs. 2.5% BP. I'd give it a couple more weeks since your skin might just be adjusting to having used a smaller amount of BP to start with, but if that doesn't work, you might go for the Goldilocks option of a 5% BP like Oxy and using about a finger of that instead of OTS and see if that helps control the papules more. I would also consider seeing a dermatologist and getting on a prescription treatment like a retinoid, perhaps alternating that with BP, to manage your acne.

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"Persistent" is a good way to describe it :) I really appreciate your suggestions.

Not everything about this has been negative; my skin is very smooth where there are no pimples and blackheads are slowly disappearing which kinda surprised me. It's those darn papules I HaTe.

I hadn't thought about a 5% bp. Is it hard to find? Then I will talk to my husband about seeing a dermatologist if things don't start looking up.

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