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Sort of a step in the right direction

I havent gone on my weighing scale in about four days I think its been. I just checked my weight and Ive lost 2 pounds. Although, that isnt a whole lot, I am still happy. Its better than nothing and its better than gainging which is what Ive been struggling with these days. I dont know why but the last couple of days my appetite has somewhat deminished. Ive been eating cereal bars from trader joes filled with fruit for breakfast, sometimes I eat a handful of appricotes in additon to the cereal bar(sp?) or Ill just eat some toast with butter. I know the toast with butter isnt the healthiest thing but oh well. For those of you who have a lot of knowlege regarding health, how many calories should each meal be? I really dont think I ate enough yesterday actually. I drank a ton of water and one bottle of gaterade. I had one piece of pizza for lunch with bell peppers, black olives, and pepperoni. For dinner I had a chicken tami and more water. That was only 240 calories for the whole thing. I want to lose weight but I want it to lose it in a healthy way. I dont want to be on some yo you diet.

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I would start off by having a proper breakfast to get your metabolism into gear because that will not only keep up your energy but also helps you lose weight. Protein makes a good start to the day.

And 2lbs loss is healthy. And expected. Any more than that would either be water weight or too rapid weight loss which means you would be unlikely to keep it off on a permanent basis.

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i think the key to sustaining weight loss and not feeling like you are on a depriving diet is to not count calories. here are some tips that helped me loose weight:

-really tune into your hunger signals. think to yourself, why am i eating? because i am bored, upset, thirsty, theres food around me, everyone else is eating, or because my body is actually in need of nourishment/energy. when i was at school i was stressed out and constantly eating junk everytime an emotion came up that i didn't want to deal with. basically eating when i wasnt hungry. when i learned to listen to my hunger, that helped drop weight.

-eat balanced meals. try combining healthy fat with protein and healthy carbs. this keeps me the most satisfied and feeling like i ate a good meal without overeating. good carbs may be starchy veggies (sweet potatoes, squashes), beans, lentils, brown rice, quinoa, etc. healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, nut butter, coconut, flaxseed oil, olives, avocado, seeds, etc and good protein like high quality meats, eggs, beans, seeds, nuts, fermented soy foods (tempeh, etc).

-stop overstimulating your appetite. when i first tried to eat healthier, i would spend loads of time looking up recipes and not only did that eat away a lot of time but it also overstimulated my appetite. just thinking about food or looking at images of it can make you think your hungry even if your not. if you know your body doesnt need food but you want to eat, just immediately push food out of your mind. just say no and move onto something else. i had and still have trouble with this bc i used to be obsessed with all things food related, but yeah...

-eat simpler meals. instead of eating itty amounts of several diff things, try eating a bigger amount of one or two things. this also deals with over stimulation of the appetite.

-walk/move after eating. this aids digestion, stops me from overeating and makes me feel better in general.

-go for high nutrient, low calorie foods like veggies (especially greens), beans, homemade veggie based soups, salads, low sugar fruits and compliment them with smaller amounts of healthy fats, proteins, whatever else. not only is this good for your skin but by basing your food pyramid on nutrient dense low cal foods you will likely take in less calories but feel more satisfied. for instance, a slice of pizza w/ cheese a couple veggies on it provides lots of carbs, fat but little vitamins, minerals, fiber, nutrients. its like empty food. fills you up but doesn't give you much. on the other hand a colorful soup or salad or stir fry will provide lots of nutrients minus the empty calories.

just focus on eating good quality, unprocessed or minimally processed foods. avoid too many carbohydrates (not all though!) and focus on really really tuning into and becoming aware of your body's hunger signals and needs versus any psychological wants. separate food from emotions and view it as a tool to nourish, fuel and heal your body.

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