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Potentiating Isotretinoin treatment?

Hey all,

been on Roaccutane 2 years ago (changing dosage), acne came back about 1 year ago.

trying some topicals and combinations, won't work.

today i convinced my derm to prescribe me some Isotretinoin. she gave me 20mg per day, as my acne is way better than it was before my first course.

so, its not much, she said i should take it once in the afternoon meal.

best way? before,during or after eating?

i will try to eat more orange stuff (Vitamin A).

what else can i do to get the max out of this 20mg pill/day treatment?

*BTW* treatment is for 3 months.*BTW*

Thanks alot,


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Firstly, I don't think you need to be making the effort of eating things with vitamin A in. If anything, it could aggravate side effects - I can't see how it could be of benefit.

Take the pill after eating a meal that contains a decent amount of fats. If you want the fats to be healthy ones, go for avocado, nuts (especially almonds), foods cooked in olive oil, full fat dairy produce etc.

Hope that helps.

P.S. If you have been told a reason you need to eat more things with vit A in them, I'd be eager to hear it :think:

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the reason im thinking of eating more things with Vitamin A is because it is said to help with acne.

look, Isotretinoin is from the same chemical family (Retinoids).

some people even use Vit A as a supplement alone (or with Vitamin E and others..) and it might help them with mild acne.

Isotretinoin (Accutane) is just more powerfull and works better on acne.

but since my dose is so low (20mg a day) i guess it will be ok if i get more Vitamin A in my diet, to complement the Roaccutane without aggravating its side effects.

anyway, will a teaspoon of Flaxseed/Linseed oil before swallowing the medication be alright?

do you have any other tips for me to get the max out of this small dose of 20MG's a day?

thanks alot,


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Just to warn you...I actually read on an accutane advice page on the net yesterday, to avoid eating foods rich in vatamin A whilst on tane as it can increase the chances of symtoms of vitamin A overdose, such as hair thinning. What you do is of course up to you though.

I honestly don't know how much fat is in flaxseed oil but I personally would eat some fatty food too.

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