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Had my 1st needling w/ Frank

Well, i took the plunge and had my first needling for 3 scars. Actually he mentioned 4 but all i see is 3 red spots now. He was thorough explaining the tools and the science behind the procedure. He was helpful answering my questions. It was getting dark so i sense he was in a hurry. He used a special made hand tool needles. Like a prong of 6 needles in one. He showed me couple of pictures of patients with severe hyper/hypo which blew me off since my case was probably a breeze for him. He is an expert in tattoo pigmentation. He also knows the science so it was gratifying to hear him.

The procedure didnt hurt. First he applied lidocaine, wait 20 min and started poking the scar gradually at one pass and then another pass/layer. I have a good feeling this two scars will turn out good, I hope. He missed one scar which i pointed out later, this time it hurted. He applied more lidocaine and he also had a pad dipped in distilled water to remove blood,etc.

Well, this post is intended to record my progress. So far i am somewhat thrilled that I had the courage to do something about it. But there is slightly pigment loss where the lidocaine laid. I hope it will fade. I have not used anything to aggrevate the scar except HA and aquaphor. And all products i will use will only be applied to the needled scars not the surrounding areas. So i will monitor this loss of pigment which he mentioned will return in 1 hr due to an ingredient in the lidocaine.

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Its been 1 month since my treatment and I must say i am very pleased with the result. Even though, the scars looks sunken at particular times e.g nights, stress out. But during the day, two scars have leveled nicely while one is slightly indented. I have probably received at least a 50% improvement. Lets hope it continues this way for the next couple of months.

But i am really disappointed on the hyperpigmentation. The redness, actually a brownish color, still lingers. It looks awful like two dark spots on my cheek. I been following Shyana protocol to the teeth and soon will incorporate retinA instead of EGF.

Again, i am kinda frustrated with the dark spots. Oh well, better that than hypopigmentation. I may do mild lactic peels before retina to increase collagen formation. I really dont want to give up EGF but better safe than sorry. Oh i am using Vitamin c serum but i doubt it will rid of the hyperpigmentation better than retina.

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YEA! Needling rocks!!! Altho I do it myself with good results as well. Regarding the brown pigment....Dude, from my 2+ yrs of needling experience, I can tell you you are in for a looong wait before any of that fades out. I prefer to have that than indents any day.

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