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protection seals

I ordered 3 bp gel on october 31, 2007 and received it november 10, 2007. When I open the box 2 of 3 bp protection wrap was kinda loose and a bit ripped ( wrap scrolled down a bit ). What I mean is that the wrap covered the whole cap, the bottom cap was well covered but the top one was kinda a bit loose so it was pretty easy to open the cap. Because I used to ordered the bp and the wrap was tite and nicely protecting the top and bottom cap so no one could had open it until i opened it myself. So my concern is I wanted to know that, is it normal that some protection wrap might be a bit loose or a bit ripped. I thought that it might be because of the heat or the constant movement during the transportation the wrap was loose or ripped. And because I live in Canada I thought It might be the custom offices that scroll down the wrap to open the tube to check if it was legit for security purpose.

Overall theres nothing wrong with, im just scared that because the wrap was a bit scrolled down I thought the public might arm the bp or poisonned it ( 1 chance in a million ). If it was shipped directly from the distributor to my house without no one messing with it that would be sweet.

So is it normal that some people when they received there product the seal might not be perfectly sealed or the seal might be a bit scrolled down or a bit ripped?????????????????

Or maybe sending it back for an exchange against a newly sealed and tite bp gel?? If its due to transportation or got ripped accidentally during the shipment i got no problems keeping it. Its your call if you say its save.

I know theres nothing wrong because the wrap got scrolled down at least it was still wrap to the tube when i got it. I am just sceptic that someone might scroll down a bit and put something in it.. hey thats just my mind talking....

sorry for the long texting, IF ANYONE HAD SIMILAR PROBLEM LET ME KNO....

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Hey you guys. Those seals are on there just so the tubes don't bust open in the mail. The public never sees these products. They go straight from the manufacturer to you. So don't be concerned about the seal being damaged in the mail. So long as the product is in tact, you're all set. In the future, when we're on store shelves, it'll be a different story.

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