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Please Add Sunscreen!

As a very fair skinned person, I used to tan in beds (I know, I know :/ ) and never used sunscreen at all. I recently had one aunt pass away from skin melanoma and another relative discover he had the same thing. Ironically I recently was at a medical spa for a consultation about laser rejuv. and they used this new thing (I think it's called Visage or something?) that was like a cat-scan for my skin - it showed areas of bacteria, acne, wrinkles, pores and sun damage - that was the scariest part! I had one of the most sun-damaged faces the spa owner had ever seen. Anyway, I say all that to say this, not using sunscreen in your regimen can result in far more wrinkles later in life, and possibly skin cancer. Also, I ALWAYS have a horrible acne outbreak in the weeks following when I get lots of sun and don't use sunscreen.

I just bought Dan's full line of products yesterday and I know he is working on trying to get spf in his moisturizer (good job!) but until then, here's what I plan to do and what I recommend:

Get two bottles of the DK moisturizer. Purchase a regimen-approved spf (not another moisturizer with spf- just the spf itself) like Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 30 (they also have 15 and 45 - I use 30) and mix (I have no idea how much to mix in yet, working on finding that out!) the spf into one of the the DK moisturizer bottles. Use the spf bottle with the morning routine and the non-spf with the evening routine. The only added cost is the spf. and now you have enough moisturizer for 4 months.

Or you can always use a regimen approved moisturizer with spf in it. I like using one line myself.

I know I sound like a nagging mom but please take this into consideration - it may save your life. Or at least your face after you're 50.


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Well I have not had much luck in finding out an exact amount of spf to mix into the DK moisturizer. If anyone can find out let me know!

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