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Can someone tell me if I am a helpless case?

Well, heres the deal. I've been breaking out ever since 7th grade, and now I am a junior in high school. My freshmen year, I broke out severely bad on my cheeks and had scars for quite a while, and they have finnally almost diminished. Lately, all of a sudden, I've been breaking out everywhere all over my face with stupid whiteheads, and when I touch my face I feel disgusted because it seems so rough. Not that I pick at it, I know that's a big no no of course....

Anyway, like everyone else says, I've tried almost everything. I've been to the dermatologist several times, and he started me off with Retin-A, then moved me to Clynda... whatever the heck its called in a tube, and Differin. That was back in Freshmen year and I've been trying to use the Clynadawhatever and Differin lately but it hasn't helped me at all to be quite honest. My face is just a wreck... it's all red and I have huge pores on my nose that look blocked and I don't understand why because I cleanse my face twice a day. I've kind of just given up on the perscribed meds lately, and just decided to wash my face. I also bought one of those little exfoliating sponges to see if possibly it could smooth my face out but it just makes it bleed.... not good I am assuming.

So, if anyone has had this similar problem, could I get some advice maybe? I've tried Proactiv in the past, and I'm thinking about maybe trying it again because it couldn't hurt anything. What do you think??

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My biggest question is: How long did you try each of those meds? If you only try them for a week or three, of course your skin is going to get worse and look horrible. If you continue with consistent application for at least three months, that's when you'll see results.

Have you tried changing your diet?

What are you cleansing with?

What's your shampoo?

Do you use hair products? Do you have long hair?

Do have have cyclical breakouts if you're female?

Do you break out worse in summer or winter?

Do you primarily have inflamed or comedonal acne?

All those are questions you need to have the answer to before you can find a good treatment. Many derms just prescribe the standard therapy. The standard therapy happens to work for ME, but it doesn't always work for everyone.

There are thousands/millions of options out there, so figure out your type of acne your skin type and then do some research and ask more questions. :) You'll get plenty more answers and help, too.

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