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I cant believe Im a statistic...

Its my 2nd month and by now my face is looking soo good. Im so happy!!!

Never looked this great for 4 years. And now I feel like all hope for a clear face has ended...

I have been very constipated for the last 2 weeks and had to use 4 Enemas and need to start taking a powder, GlycoLax, to help get on track.

I heard this is a side effect of the drug and Im in alot of pain. It's been 2 weeks of constant pain. I just wanted to know what you guys thought of this...

Has anyone gone through something like this?

Should I quit?

Do I HAVE to quit?

Thanks guys.

Oh and btw- I'm james. Hope you all are nice :surprised:

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I had the same thing in month 1 and 2. I'm female 39 and have a good diet and go to the gym 3-4 days a week. All of sudden somehow I plugged up/got bloaty. I gained 5lbs and it was frustrating. I talked to my Derm. and went to a GI doc (just to be safe) and they recommended prunes (a few a day) and a mild laxative called Miralax, which worked great. Also, they said to "up" the water intake... Accutane dries out the body/skin, so if you don't have a enough water you will get dehydrated/sluggish.... Miralax is a tasteless powder you put in a drink and it's very mild. I had a glass (put it with juice) once a day for a few weeks. Then after that, I noticed I was more back to myself. So, it went away for me. I've read a few posts on here - others have had a similar problem though bearable.

Hang in there!


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