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Appoitntment with Plastic Surgeon

Hi there. In Jan 06 I aggravated a spot on the right side of my chin. It wasn't a whitehead or blackhead or pustule. It was a bump on my chin which got badly infected. In April of that year I went for LILT (low intensity light therapy) b/c the sore was refusing to heal. Thankfully the LILT helped and I was able to hold my head high (with confidence) once again. Its now 22 months later and I have dead skin scar tissue where the stupid bump was. Sometimes when I exfoliate, the deadskin comes off and I am left with red raw skin. When that happens I apply bactroban ointment to the area at night time etc. Then fresh skin grows over but its not soft like a babies bottom, but rather harder than a rock...No amount of moisturizing softens this whatsoever.

On the 26th of this month I go see the plastic surgeon once again. I would like to see if he can somehow minimize this scar. What I am hoping is that he would just cut out the scar tissue and stitch the area back up. The other night though my sister brought up a good point. She says "how do you know that more scar tissue will not grow back if he were to cut it out?". Gosh I didnt even think of that. At this stage of my life (im 36) I would rather live the rest of my life with a fine line scar on my chin vs the deadskinscar tissue that is so drying that when I apply makeup, it looks so frickin cakey. The only cakey I want is chocolate. lol. I no longer want this alligator type skin dryness on my face.

What do you think? Will more dead skin scar tissue just grow back...Im just sick of the reoccuring cycle...wash up...exfoliate...dead skin gets removed....area becomes red and raw...and a couple days later...same thing over and over and over again. Its frustrating. How am I going to find myself a decent man when I look like this.

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If all you've got is one scar to worry about, you're way ahead of most of us on this board. You shouldn't have problems finding a decent man, that's for sure.

Anyway, it sounds like you might be developing hypertrophic scarring. It's very important that you figure out if this is going on before you determine what to do about it. Hypertrophic scarring is raised -- not indented -- and the skin is just producing too much scar tissue, which is usually hard. It tends to keep growing for a while and you develop a lump of scar tissue that can feel itchy.

The problem with any surgical procedure is that you have a very high risk of just developing more or worse scarring because the cells in that area are already programming themselves to do so. The more you exfoliate, the more you are encouraging the cells to reproduce. You need to leave it alone.

If this is what you have, there are other treatments for it. I've tried everything, I know what they all are and what works. You can email me if you want to.

Good luck!

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