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The Cost of Accutane

I NEED to go to a Dermatologist. It never was bad enough before but now it's severe. My acne on my face is severe. I had a nervous breakdown tonight and I can't take it anymore.

How much is accutane if you don't have health insurance?

I work a part-time job - no health insurance provided. My parent's health insurance doesn't cover me now that I am 19.

I can't take it anymore. I need help for my ance. I can't stand it anymore. My skin just gets worse and worse. I used proactiv last month and it started to get better dramatically, but after two weeks my skin was so dry it was FLAKING OFF at work, in front of customers. I had to stop it... and now it's worse than it ever was before. I feel like there's no hope for me. I've tried everything that I could try on my own.

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I think it cost around $1200 and $325 for the generic brand which is basically the same thing. Have you tried any other acne medications such retin a micro? Not to discourage you but there is some unwanted side effects that some people experience.

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i was buying Isotretinoin at chemoneresearch.com for 125$ in a 40ml vial. this was done as a "research only" chemical and was a 6 months supply for mega-cheap. problem is they stopped synthesizing Isotretinoin so i am looking for a new place to buy. all i am saying as that it is possible to find it for dirt cheap, you just have to buy it as a research only drug not intended for human consumption. try bodybuilding sites, they have the most drugs marketed in this way.

oh yeah, and the side effects for me are horrendous. i feel severe depression and contemplate suicide often. i also have crying spells. i know that this is a side effect of the drug and i do not take it seriously but still, it's crazy.


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