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work in progress

MY FIRST POST(I see hope, but the options are mind boggling!)

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This is my fisrt post and im hoping to cut down on all of the options for treating redness I have read on here. My biggest problem is redness, and its not specific defined spots im dealing with its redness in general on my cheeks and forehead. Just to give a little brief history, I have tryed nemorous treatments befour deciding to go ahead with accutane. I have been off it for almost a yr now and rarley get breakouts anymore. I have some scarring(not sure what type on my cheeks, raised i think) but its the redness and sensitive skin thats bad. I cant tan the skin on my face really any more it just gets red. Right now I just clense with spectro sensitive skin, moisturize(gets red after i do) and wear sunscreen everyday. I have done some reasearch on this site and im glad I have found it. So here are the things im considering

-lactic peels(which AHA is best?) plus copper peptides?

-Apple cidar vin.(I am currently using this(2 days now)applying to skin. I cant see consuming this stuff tho! but is there additional benifit from doing so, i see some ppl do consume it. also with baking soda?

-Jojoba oil or emu whats best? also what vitamins do they have and do some have vit. added. what vit. are best for redness? also i read somewhere on here there is a oil that is better than both jojoba and emu?

-the pure deeming.

- I have tryed the scotch tape thing a few times(seems a bit ghetto) is there anything else i can use daily? and is it ok to do this under the eyes because when i do it it doesnt look healthy?

I think im going to go with the applecidar vin. plus drinking lemon water, lactic peels, either jojoba oil or emu and the scotch tape

So my most important questions are:

1. whats better emu or jojoba and which brand, plus vitamins? and where to get it cheap and a well known product.

2. Which Lactic peel to get and which AHA is best(and where to get it cheap)

wow this post is really not organized, sorry but please help!

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I see this is not getting me too far, i know its a lack of painting the right picture for you guys but i guess pics would help. Im not sure if i should treat this in a red mark after acne way or a facial reddness way, which are two differnt approaches right? I know accutane did quite the # on my skin but did help stop acne. So i really dont wana say it but i guess i have more facial reddness, and what i listed is for acne marks which i do have but the reddness is blended together. I will get some pics this week. In what light would be best?

Can someone please reccomend a professional in the GTA toronto area that can help me. Please dont say toronto acne clinique. I need someone who genuinely cares.

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i know what you mean about the whole mild redness thing, i did a series of facial peels which did help with the initial red marks but ever since my skin hasn't really been able to regain its original tone.

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regain its original tone.damn, i dont like how that sounds.. I feel like this is the most important decision i make regarding my red ish skin on cheeks and i feel what i do will be the future for my skin. I need to find a great doctor, any ideas in the GTA- toronto.

I will try and post pics real soon as its hard to describe what my skin looks like exactly.

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:) Pics would be a great idea. You can always edit out your eyes or lips or what have you. Even a profile photo would be fine, but make sure you have good lighting in the image and use the macro setting on your camera (the flower) and also the no-shake/jiggle setting if you have one.

Taking clear sharp photos can be tricky.

Once we see what exactly you're talking about, we'll be more than happy to help.

If they're red marks, a light chemical peel would indeed help the red marks. Moisturizing with a non-comedogenic moisturizer will also help. Sunscreen will help keep the red marks from getting tanned so they will fade faster than if they were tanned. For first time peelers, I really do think you should stick to something very gentle like a lactic acid peel.

You could even just start using Lac Hydrin 5 moisturizer. Continue using a sunscreen! Lac Hydrin 5 has 5% lactic acid in it, so it also moisturizes while gently exfoliating. It is amazing at helping restore texture to uneven textured skin. Where I work, we use it and prescription strength products on people's legs and feet to help get rid of some extremely dry flaky skin. It completely cleared up this one woman's feet that looked like she had a second/third/fourth skin of dry skin attached to her feet. *shudders*

Aqua Glycolic products are very good at helping people get rid of their red marks. Also Alpha Hydrox Souffle has been good for many.

Please see my signature link for other glycolic acid product recommendations. I myself use Avon's Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel and it's fabulous for my insensitive skin. It's NOT for someone with sensitive skin. It's marketed for aging, but it works for me for comedonal acne.

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I can refer you to The Laser Clinic. Jessica will take really good care of you there! They are located on Hwy 7 and Pine Valley. (near Hwy 400) They also have a web site as well.

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