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Chromium Funny Feeling?

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I've been taking 200mcg of chromium for a few weeks now and I've noticed I feel a little funny after I take it. I also take zinc and cod liver oil which I have been taking for a few weeks before I started chromium. Anyone else get a slight weird feeling after taking chromium? I take zinc and chromium right after I eat supper. Today I didn't take the chromium and I never got the weird feeling. The feeling is not real bad and I can't really explain it. A few weeks after I started cod liver and zinc I noticed some improvements. When I first start chromium everything was fine but I've been breaking out a lot lately and wasn't sure if it could be the chromium. The other week for a few nights I didn't wash my face which caused me to breakout a little well atleast I think so. Ever since then I've been breaking out a lot and not cleansing at night for a few nights wouldn't cause breakouts for weeks to come or atleast it never did before. I'm just trying to figure this out...I got a nice big dent in the side of my face now from 2 pimples that went deep into my skin but only formed white heads and I'm pretty pissed off about it. Before I started zinc/cod liver I would get big pimples here and there. Some were really red and others were bumps under the skin that came to a head after a few days. Then once I started zinc/cod liver I didn't get as many big pimples but if I did they would only be less then half the normal size they would usually get. Now I've been getting some big ones again and a good bit of smaller ones. I wasn't sure if the chromium giving me a slight funny feeling could be the cause of the breakouts but I don't know...just really confused.

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