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In the past months my skin at the temples has become a real problem.

I never had this before. I don't know if it might be related to taking Rogaine against hair loss.

I used this stuff for a few months I since this time I have been getting hair on the temple area! You can also see all this hair on the pictures. I don't think this is normal but I cannot do much against it.

The skin there has become pretty bad. It often developes pimples and there are also scars which you can also see on the picture and the quality of the skin has also become really bad. The skin is oily and the pores have become really large!

Often I get clogged pores which are kinda like whiteheads and when I pop them grease comes out. I feel pretty helpless towards this change in my skin condition. I see the same thing happening on the area under my eyes next to the nose. The skin pores there are also becoming bigger and I also get clogged pores and blackheads with lots of grease under the skin which comes out when I pop it. Is there anything I can do against this to improve the

quality of the skin and to make those huge pores smaller? Or can I just watch and do nothing? I showed it to my dermatologist and he said I could try a mixture between benzo and an antibiotic but benzo is so weak and my skin is so totally resistant to stuff like benzo or fruit acid that it won't make the skin peel. I feel like I needed something to really make the skin peel. How can the skin get better if it doesn't peel? Maybe I have wrong expectations,

maybe you cannot do anything against this at all. I was just hoping that maybe there is something to make the skin peel and which removes those scars. Isn't there anything to remove scars? I know that people which have bad acne scars can get certain treatments with acid. Is this the fruit acid which comes in different concentrations from 20% to 70%? Because this skin did nothing for my back. I went up to 70% and it was a joke. Nothing happened at all. I feel like I'm totally immune against acid.




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