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ive been using mama lotion at night and during the day i dont do anything besides just wash my face. they say to use a sunscreen afterwards before you got "out" (during the day). but im in school all day, so i dont get any sun, and its almost winter and its getting cold out. so is it really necessary to use one?

NOTE- my redmarks are fading and the darker ones are the ones i popped and they will probably go away eventually, but this is before the mama lotion. im just using mama lotion to make them go away faster.

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Keep in mind that UV is affecting you everytime you are exposed to it, whether you are walking to your car, driving with the sunshine spilling in, walking INSIDE school or even sitting by a window in class. The UV is there. The sunscreen warning is there for a reason. When you use an acid product you are more photosensitive than normal and the rays will affect you more than normal. Keep in mind that the use of sunscreens are not a fool proof way of walking away without sundamage. It is also good to limit your exposure to the sun between the hours of 10 to 4, when UV rays are at their peak strength. Wear protective clothing, long sleeves, wide brimmed had, sunglasses and a lip protectant. You'll also want to apply the sunblock 30 minutes before exposure to ensure adaquate absorbtion before you go about your commute!


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