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Acupuncture Log (it cleared me completely)

This will be the second time I've cleared my acne with acupunture.

I've had acne for 12 years. Some cysts, nodules but mainly pimples, pimples, pimples. I've been on and off various medications, diets and topicals.

2 years ago, I tried acupuncture for my menstrual cramps. The acupunturist told me I would also probably notice that my acne cleared up as well (although I didnt believe him).

After 3 treatments, my menstrual cramps (which were so bad that I usually fainted) never returned. I also noticed my skin was glowing, even though I had acne. I decided to continue the acupunture treatments just to SEE if it helped my skin.

After 3 more treatments, there was a definite improvement in my acne.

It took 13 treatments for my skin to completely clear up. With every acupunture appointment, my skin produced a little less oil. My acupunturist told me that this would be permanent, however, I found out that I needed to have at least 1 appointment every 2-3 weeks in order to maintain results. I did research and found that scientists have found that when the body is SLIGHTLY puntured, the body produces endorphins for up to 2-3 weeks which can keep allergy symptoms minimal and begin a healing process.

My skin remained perfect until I relocated and acupunture prices were astronomical. My skin returned to its regular state within 3 months of stopping treatment.


A year ago, I ordered some acupunture needles to redo what the acupunturist did: Its not hard, the needles do not really punture the skin and only 4 are needed for results. However, I saw no results!


Desperate, a year later, I read that the width of the needle have a definite effect. I ordered new needles with a slightly wider width. I began acupunture 6 weeks ago and my skin is definitely, rapidly clearing. I put two needles on my feet and two on my hand every 2 weeks.

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I want to add that it doesnt draw blood nor is it scary. The needles are as thick as a human hair and are only inserted in the first 1mm of skin.

I would advise someone to get at least 3 acupunture apointments before doing it themselves at home. I also stick to idiot-proof acupunture points --a flap of skin between my index finger and thumb... and a fatty part on the side of my foot. These two points were used by my acupunturist.

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