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So, we don't have insurance and I've never been to the dermatologist. I've been using the Proactiv system for about a month now and... I don't know. I'm sticking with it for now because I know that in order for some things to work, you have to stick with it. It really just feels like my face is scarring more easily now, and I still break out more than I'm comfortable with. So I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how much do derm visits usually range? I'm sure not having any kind of insurance makes a difference, but I'm getting to that desperation point.

I'm also looking for a scar-treatment and a moisturizer. Suggestions?

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Dermatologist vists themselves are not too expensive, but can vary from place to place. I think my first one required a 70 dollar down payment and an additional 25 dollars for each one there on out. But that was with insurance, so I'd imagine it would be more than that. The expensive part is when they get you to buy there products or get prescripitons filled. I know I spent 50 bucks on an glocic acid cleaner and toner.

As for a good scar treatment, an AHA lotion, cetaphil is a good moisturizer. I personally like the cetaphil lotion.

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Im in the same situation as you clapyourhands09. I have never had any insurance but its not the derm visits that are going to kill your wallet its the prescriptions that you are going to have to buy. Without insurance that will cover non generic drugs youre going to end up paying out the ass for the pills/ topical things you will be prescribed. The only time i did go to a derm the visit itself was only about 60 bucks w/o insurance but when i went to get the antibiotics and topical meds he prescribed me at the pharmacy.....it was about 600 dollars total or so. So yah if you cant get insurance to afford these more expensive options id say just go with some of the cheaper regiments that are listed all over this site. anyways gl :D. Oh and for lotion cetaphil is nice. You wont have much problems with that clogging your pores and it keeps your skin moisturized.

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